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NOTE: The price quoted should be used as an estimate only and is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions. To check your final price inclusive of all charges, please contact our accounts department by email or (02) 9780 4066 and request a transaction detail report or invoice after the consignment has been despatched and scanned.

All Road Express prices are calculated on a standard cubic conversion of 250 kg per cubic metre or the dead weight, whichever is greater. For consignments which are non conforming, non standard, oversized or bulky, a cubic conversion of 333 kg per cubic metre applies and will include the following:
* consignments marked "top load only"
* non stackable bulky items whether palletized or otherwise
* uncrated or unpalletised bulky items including tyres, wheels and automotive parts
* unsuitably packed fragile items
* oversized pallets (exceeding either width/breadth 120cm, length 120cm or height 180cm)
* lengths exceeding 2.5 metres

If any large, bulky item requires repacking or palletising in order to be moved safely, a standard fee will apply of $30 (exclusive of GST) per pallet including shrink wrapping or strapping. Please refer our Surcharges Schedule on the home page of our website.

Hunter Express operates during the hours of 7:30am to 6:00pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

All Same Day Metropolitan bookings made after 3.00pm for same-day delivery to a consignee with "close time" of 5.00pm or earlier will be treated as a VIP service and charged accordingly. All bookings made after 5.00pm for same-day delivery will be treated as an Exclusive service and charged accordingly.

For further assistance, please email us at, contact your Account Manager or call 1300 556 232.Footer message